Upcoming Service Opportunities

Keep on top of upcoming volunteer opportunities by regularly checking the Service Hours and Opportunities page and keep track of NHS service dates (and meetings) by checking the  Meetings and Events page! 🙂

Partnership Party – Saturday, March 11 @ the Prom Center in Oakdale from 4:30 p.m.-11:00 p.m.; earlier volunteers will need to be on site by 4 pm

Positions to be filled are:

  1. Coat Room (2 people)
  2. Guest Check-in (5 people)
  3. Flower Centerpiece sales (2 people)
  4. Silent Auction Tables (3)
  5. Silent Auction items collection & check-out (6)

This is a very fun opportunity to get in a hefty amount of your required service hours! T-shirts will be provided to volunteers, as well as pizza for dinner. Until we receive a direct contact number, please let an officer know if you are interested in volunteering for a position.

Spring Blood Drive – Friday, April 21 in the Wrestling Gym; before school set-up starts at 7:10 a.m. and after school tear down ends around 3:00 p.m. Like in the fall, all NHS members are required to contribute volunteer time to the Blood Drive! There will be plenty of opportunities available across multiple dates and times to get in this service, so a lack of participation will not be accepted. 

Feed My Starving Children – We are in the process of rescheduling a FMSC opportunity that works better for more of you in the wake of our first attempt. Keep checking our social media pages and Remind for dates and times! 

If you have any questions regarding service opportunities or would like to let us know about an opportunity that we can add, please contact an officer! All of our information is on the Officers tab 🙂

Service Opportunity: Special Olympics Basketball Tournament

Stillwater Area High School will be hosting the Special Olympics basketball competition this Sunday, and we’re looking for NHS members to volunteer to be Half-Court Referees, Scorekeepers, or other positions during the games.

There are plenty of spots left to register, and registration is very quick. You can sign up in a group with your friends, too! This is a great opportunity to get in your NHS service hours for Second Semester in a way that’s also really fun.

For more information on volunteer positions and to register for time-slots, please visit this link. We hope to see you there on Sunday!

Semester 1 Hours Check-In

Hello everyone! As you should know, Semester 1 hours are due Tuesday, January 24 at 3:00 pmno exceptions.

This list is a compilation of all of the hours that have been submitted for Semester 1 thus far. Please double check that you have submitted your required 10 hours. 2 of your hours must have been through NHS, unless you did not submit your summer hours; in that case, you must have at least 5 hours through NHS.

After the submission of Semester 1 hours has closed, the officers will be enforcing consequences for members who have not followed through with the commitments that they made to NHS. These consequences include, but are not restricted to, being kicked out of NHS. Seniors, if this happens to you, you may have to alter your applications to remove NHS as an extracurricular and notify your colleges that you have been kicked out.

If you have concerns about anything, please contact an officer ASAP. We are more than happy to listen to and work with you!



Winter Coffeehouse Volunteer SIGN-UPS

Winter Coffeehouse is just around the corner! We NEED volunteers to help the shows run smoothly, so we are requiring that ALL NHS members sign-up for at least one volunteer spot on show night, for pre-preparation the day before on Wednesday, Dec. 21, or ticket sales the week of the show during lunches (no sign-up here; first come first serve with a sign-in at the table). Coffeehouse is Thursday, Dec. 22 – the day before winter break – volunteer and come to the show!

Here is the sign-up link: Winter Coffeehouse Sign-Up

REMEMBER, volunteer participation is MANDATORY!

Meeting Summary 11/1

Coffee House (December 22nd, 6 & 8 p.m.):

  • Auditions will be held after school on: Monday, November 14th; Tuesday, November 15th; & Wednesday, November 16th
  • We will need help setting up the show after school as well as help taking it all down after the 8 p.m. show is over (school service hours:)
  • We will be calling local businesses for food and drink donations. Help is needed picking up these donations (school service hours 🙂

NHS SUPER SERVICE FRIDAY! (Before and after school on Nov. 11th; both will be counted as school service hours 🙂

Before School

  • Volunteers to inform first hour classes about the food drive

After School

  • Coffee House poster-making (TBD)
  • Food drive poster-making
  • Delivering food drive boxes to classrooms

Food Drive (Monday, November 14 – Friday, November 18):

  • Help is needed Friday the 18th for counting donations during 6th hour and after school!

Semester 1 Service Hours: Information

  • All members must complete 10 hours
    • 2 of these hours must be completed through NHS (blood drive, coffee house etc.) or SAHS events (student council, orientation leaders, food drives etc.)
      • If you have questions on what can be counted for this ask an officer
  • Hours must be completed from September 1, 2016 to January 24, 2017
    • Hours completed over the summer cannot be counted
  • All hours must be logged by January 24, 2017
    • We will make NO exceptions
  • Please take this opportunity to make some positive change in the community!
    • No lame hours folks! Try one of the events posted on the site!
    • Be honest about what hours you did; we would rather you have log 8 real hours than 10 fake ones

Meeting Summary – 9/20

Due to the semi-hectic nature of the meeting this morning and the slight time crunch, here’s a recap of the important information that we discussed:

  1. Summer Hours – all 10 Summer Hours are due today. Enter them using the link under the Service Hours and Opportunities tab on this website. This is non-negotiable and late hours will not be accepted; anyone who does not turn in their service hours will be contacted and will be subject to consequences. (If you couldn’t tell by the use of italics, this is really important.)
  2. Fall Blood Drive – this Friday, September 23rd in the Wrestling Gym; all NHS members are required to volunteer for the equivalent of one class period either before (starting at 7:00 am), during, or after school (no later than 3:00 pm). Sign up using the Volunteer Sign Up link. Donating counts as volunteering!
  3. 2 Hours of School-Related Service per Semester are now Required – these two hours must relate to the school or a school-sponsored event and do count as part of your 10 hours of mandatory service per semester.
  4. Speakers/Service Opportunities – all current/ongoing opportunities and how to sign up are listed under the Service Hours and Opportunities tab.

Remember to check this website, Twitter, Facebook, and Remind101 for announcements/updates. You can also contact any of the officers via text or email with any questions (contact information is under the Officers tab).

The next meeting is on Tuesday, October 4, at 7:10 am in the Main Forum Room. Afternoon meetings will no longer be held.