Spring Blood Drive Volunteer Sign-Ups

Please use this link to sign up for a Spring Blood Drive volunteer position: Spring Blood Drive Sign-Ups

If you have a preference as to what job you would like – check in, canteen, escort – please add it next to your name on the document. Otherwise, you will be given a job based off of what is needed at the time.
One name per slot, and please do not erase other people’s names.

Remember that the Blood Drive (and Coffeehouse!) have mandatory participation requirements! See you on Friday 🙂


Super Service Friday 2.0!

Hey everyone! Our next meeting coming out of Spring Break is on Tuesday, April 4th. That following Friday, April 7th, we will be having another Super Service Friday in the Language Plaza that’s packed with opportunities for you all to get in some of your school-related service hours AND meet your Blood Drive participation requirement!

These are the opportunities that will be taking place on Super Service Friday:

  1. Hanging up posters in the bathrooms on the inside of each stall. Many of you have probably seen the posters detailing how to use the new toilet handles, but many stalls do not have these signs up and administration would like us to help hang them up in every stall.
  2. Making Blood Drive posters. This is super easy, fun, and quick service! Don’t feel like you have to be super creative to take part in this opportunity. Participation in this activity fulfills your requirement of contributing to the Spring Blood Drive.
  3. Making Coffeehouse posters. These posters will include the dates and other information for both Spring Coffeehouse auditions and the actual event. Participation in this activity fulfills your requirement of contributing to Spring Coffeehouse.

Thanks everyone! We hope to see you in the Language Plaza after school for Super Service Friday 2.0! 🙂