Stillwater NHS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is NHS?

First and foremost, NHS is a service program. We help and service our school and our community.

Is there a time commitment?

Yes, students will be expected to volunteer as much and as often as possible. Aside from meeting every other week, students are expected to complete 10 service hours per semester and over the summer.  During the school year 2 of these hours are expected to be in-school hours. Hours also must be turned in on time.

Do service learning hours count toward the 20 service hours for NHS?

No. If a student is earning hours for their service learning requirement they can not “double dip” and use those hours toward their NHS requirement.

For more information: Please check out the National Honors Society website at www.stillwaternhs.wordpress.com

If I was in NJHS at the middle school, will I automatically be in NHS at the high school?

Participation in NJHS is not an automatic “in” into NHS at the high school level. Entry into NHS is based on what the National Honor Society considers the “four pillars”: scholarship, leadership, service and character.

I am an incoming freshman, can I apply to NHS in my 9th grade year?

No, NHS at the high school level is reserved for sophomores, Juniors and Seniors ONLY. If eligible, students will be notified in February of their Sophomore year and invited to apply. After the application is completed and reviewed, students will be notified of acceptance/non-acceptance into NHS.   They are then invited to attend the induction ceremony in late March/early April.

What “qualifications” does a student need to have in order to be invited to apply to NHS?

Juniors need at least a 3.65 GPA to be invited to apply and Sophomores need a 3.85 GPA. They will then fill out an application listing their service and leadership qualities, as well as an essay and teacher recommendations about their character.

If I am not accepted to NHS as a sophomore, can I re-apply as a junior?

Yes, many juniors who are not accepted as sophomores will re-apply in their Junior year – as long as their grade point average is still a 3.65 or higher.

What can I do as an incoming freshman to help get into NHS as junior/senior?

There are many things. First, get good grades! Second, they speak up in class, take control in group projects, etc. to demonstrate leadership abilities. If you are active outside of school (extra-curricular sports, church, etc.) I encourage you to take charge and even create your own fundraising program, etc. Leadership is one of the crucial elements of the NHS application, and frequently the reason most students do not get in.



New Meeting Updates!

This Tuesday’s (18th) meeting will be held at 7:10 in the GYM! This is new because of our new members! We will be holding Junior elections for Senior Officers and Vice President at this meeting!

We will also be holding an additional mandatory meeting the following Tuesday (25th) also at 7:10 in the GYM where Sophomore elections for Junior Officers will be held – ALL members are expected to attend BOTH of these meetings!

Meeting Summary 11/1

Coffee House (December 22nd, 6 & 8 p.m.):

  • Auditions will be held after school on: Monday, November 14th; Tuesday, November 15th; & Wednesday, November 16th
  • We will need help setting up the show after school as well as help taking it all down after the 8 p.m. show is over (school service hours:)
  • We will be calling local businesses for food and drink donations. Help is needed picking up these donations (school service hours 🙂

NHS SUPER SERVICE FRIDAY! (Before and after school on Nov. 11th; both will be counted as school service hours 🙂

Before School

  • Volunteers to inform first hour classes about the food drive

After School

  • Coffee House poster-making (TBD)
  • Food drive poster-making
  • Delivering food drive boxes to classrooms

Food Drive (Monday, November 14 – Friday, November 18):

  • Help is needed Friday the 18th for counting donations during 6th hour and after school!

Semester 1 Service Hours: Information

  • All members must complete 10 hours
    • 2 of these hours must be completed through NHS (blood drive, coffee house etc.) or SAHS events (student council, orientation leaders, food drives etc.)
      • If you have questions on what can be counted for this ask an officer
  • Hours must be completed from September 1, 2016 to January 24, 2017
    • Hours completed over the summer cannot be counted
  • All hours must be logged by January 24, 2017
    • We will make NO exceptions
  • Please take this opportunity to make some positive change in the community!
    • No lame hours folks! Try one of the events posted on the site!
    • Be honest about what hours you did; we would rather you have log 8 real hours than 10 fake ones