Spring Coffeehouse Volunteer Info

Spring Coffeehouse is right around the corner, and there are plenty of volunteer opportunities coming up to fulfill the mandatory participation requirement and get in some fun service hours!

Friday, 4/28: Coffeehouse poster-making in the Language Plaza (across from Becky’s room, E112) right after school. This should last until about 3:00 and will count for around an hour of school service.

Tuesday, 5/2 – Friday, 5/5: Lunch ticket sales happen this week! Sign-ins for volunteers will be at lunch, meaning that NO prior sign-ups are available – it’s first come, first serve. Five sellers are needed per lunch each of the four days. You will only be signing in for ONE day at a time, so please let other members volunteer as well if they have not gotten their requirement in! Volunteering for ONE lunch period will fulfill your Coffeehouse participation requirement; however, each lunch counts for only 30 MINUTES of school service!

Friday, 5/5 (SHOWTIME!): Sign up for volunteer positions HERE

IF YOU CANNOT VOLUNTEER AT THESE TIMES, you can make flowers to decorate the Black Box! Every set of 10 flowers counts as 30 MINUTES of school service, and fulfills your Coffeehouse requirement. They can be as simple or as decorative as you want 🙂

REMEMBER that if you did not participate in the Spring Blood Drive due to limited space, you must participate in Coffeehouse. Individuals who did not participate in the Blood Drive will be given priority over members who did, but members who participated in the Blood Drive and cannot participate in Coffeehouse will NOT be penalized – we understand that our volunteer space is very limited compared to the number of members! 🙂


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