Semester 1 Hours Check-In

Hello everyone! As you should know, Semester 1 hours are due Tuesday, January 24 at 3:00 pmno exceptions.

This list is a compilation of all of the hours that have been submitted for Semester 1 thus far. Please double check that you have submitted your required 10 hours. 2 of your hours must have been through NHS, unless you did not submit your summer hours; in that case, you must have at least 5 hours through NHS.

After the submission of Semester 1 hours has closed, the officers will be enforcing consequences for members who have not followed through with the commitments that they made to NHS. These consequences include, but are not restricted to, being kicked out of NHS. Seniors, if this happens to you, you may have to alter your applications to remove NHS as an extracurricular and notify your colleges that you have been kicked out.

If you have concerns about anything, please contact an officer ASAP. We are more than happy to listen to and work with you!




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