Meeting Summary – 9/20

Due to the semi-hectic nature of the meeting this morning and the slight time crunch, here’s a recap of the important information that we discussed:

  1. Summer Hours – all 10 Summer Hours are due today. Enter them using the link under the Service Hours and Opportunities tab on this website. This is non-negotiable and late hours will not be accepted; anyone who does not turn in their service hours will be contacted and will be subject to consequences. (If you couldn’t tell by the use of italics, this is really important.)
  2. Fall Blood Drive – this Friday, September 23rd in the Wrestling Gym; all NHS members are required to volunteer for the equivalent of one class period either before (starting at 7:00 am), during, or after school (no later than 3:00 pm). Sign up using the Volunteer Sign Up link. Donating counts as volunteering!
  3. 2 Hours of School-Related Service per Semester are now Required – these two hours must relate to the school or a school-sponsored event and do count as part of your 10 hours of mandatory service per semester.
  4. Speakers/Service Opportunities – all current/ongoing opportunities and how to sign up are listed under the Service Hours and Opportunities tab.

Remember to check this website, Twitter, Facebook, and Remind101 for announcements/updates. You can also contact any of the officers via text or email with any questions (contact information is under the Officers tab).

The next meeting is on Tuesday, October 4, at 7:10 am in the Main Forum Room. Afternoon meetings will no longer be held.


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